Faculty Forward Application

Faculty Forward Application

Objectives of the Program

The Whiting School of Engineering Engineering for Professionals (WSE-EP) Faculty Forward Fellowship program provides intensive pedagogical approaches, such as active, personalized, and problem-based learning, combined with the power of technology to increase student engagement and learning.

The program models best practices in online, onsite, and blended learning modalities by offering both online and onsite components. Faculty who complete the program will push the boundaries for what is possible in online and digital learning and will be better equipped with strategies and tools needed in today’s ever-evolving higher education climate.

The distinguished faculty fellows will collaborate with WSE-EP leadership and instructional support staff to implement innovative approaches to teaching and learning, helping lead the effort for continuous improvement in education at WSE-EP. The Faculty Forward Fellowship program is developed, implemented, and facilitated by faculty and instructional designers.

Program Dates

Participation is required for all components of the program. The following are the dates and times for the online and face-to-face sessions.

Asynchronous Online Modules: June, 2022
Synchronous Live Meeting: Anticipated July, 2022


All current WSE faculty are eligible to apply for the program.

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