Continuous Improvement Coordinator

The Continuous Improvement Coordinator (CIC), previously known as Faculty Forward Fellow, is a graduate from the Faculty Forward program. The CIC will help the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Engineering for Professionals division achieve key strategic efforts to push the boundaries of teaching and learning.


Peer-to-peer teaching evaluation

The CIC, along with a member of the Center for Learning Design (CLD), will work with instructors who receive a 3.0 (on a scale of 1.0 – 5.0) or below on two or more questions on their course student evaluations which results in the creation of an Action Plan. The CIC will help provide guidance on teaching practices to include in the Action Plan. This is a required role of the CIC.


Faculty development

The CIC will participate in faculty development presentations at Faculty Meetings, Faculty Forward, and live webinars depending on areas of interest and expertise. The CIC will be highlighted on the faculty development website and other promotional material. The CIC may be asked to participate in University-wide events or programs. This is a required role of the CIC.


Innovative pedagogy

The CIC will work with the CLD to help implement innovative teaching and learning practices and/or emerging technology into their course. The CIC may also be asked to provide input on other important areas such as academic integrity and accessibility. This is an interest-based role of the CIC.


Community of practice

The CIC will assist in ongoing networking opportunities among faculty. The CIC will be an integral part in determining how to best facilitate the CoP platform and participate in discussions and other activities within the community platform. This is an interest-based role of the CIC.

Applicant Selection

A graduate is invited to apply to become a CIC after completion of the final capstone project for Faculty Forward. The applicant must exceed expectations with the capstone project and demonstrate implementation of innovative practices in his/her course(s). Applicants will be reviewed by a team of faculty and staff with a rubric attached to the application. Up to three CIC’s will be selected each year.

Compensation and Length of Term

The CIC will be compensated $3000 over a period of three semesters (e.g., if accepted in Spring 2020, the term runs through Summer and Fall 2020 and ends at the close of Spring 2021).

Completion of CIC Role

Upon completion of the CIC contract, s/he can continue to contribute to these efforts in the role of a Faculty Forward Fellow, if desired. The role after three semesters is voluntary and will not be compensated.